Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (2024)

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (1)

September 28, 2012ISSUE 535 Serving the Discovery Islands for 20 Years - since 1992

Discovery Islander

Abram Honoured as Union Local


L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented with a Life Member Award for his work with the Union See page 19 for more details

Details Page 19

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (2)

2 Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Quadra Island - Cortes Island

Crossing Time: 45 minutes

Ferry Schedules

* - Fridays and Saturdays only. † - Daily except Sundays.

** - Tuesday sailings are for Dangerous Cargo - No passengers.

Leave Cortes Island

† 9:05 am**11:05 am

1:05 pm 3:05 pm5:05 pm6:45 pm

† 7:50 am 9:50 am11:50 am

**1:50 pm3:50 pm5:50 pm

Pick Up A Copyof the Guide to the Discovery

Islands and the Quadra & Cortes


Leave Quadra Island

Leave Quadra Island

Crossing Time: 10 minutes

6:40 am †7:30 am 8:30 am 9:30 am

**10:30 am 11:30 am 12:30 pm

1:30 pm2:30 pm

3:30 pm4:30 pm5:25 pm6:15 pm7:30 pm8:30 pm9:30 pm

10:30 pm *11:30 pm

Campbell River - Quadra Island

6:15 am†7:05 am8:00 am9:00 am

10:00 am11:00 am12:00 pm1:00 pm 2:00 pm

3:05 pm4:00 pm5:00 pm5:50 pm7:00 pm8:00 pm9:00 pm

10:00 pm*11:00 pm


Leave Campbell River

Avoid Line-UpsPeak local traffic are during

morning and evening commutes. On Monday and Thursday Quadra - CR 9 am sailings, Cortes Island

traffic has priority.

Quadra Islanders Linda & Rudi Unterthiner pictured here with former-US-President Bill Clinton. Linda and Rudi attended the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s yearly fundraising gala in Minnesota. Rudi is on the board of directors and is pleased to report that the foundation raised $8 million that evening which will go to help hearing impaired children all over the world. Linda traditionally wears her tribal costume and Rudi his Tyrolean suit at such occasions.

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (3)

3Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012



Prepaid paper tickets valid for payment until December 31, 2010

MONDAY- Parent & Tots, QCC, 9:30 am - 12 pm- Sing for Pure Joy! Room 3, QCC, 3 - 4:30 pm, All welcome.- Weight Watchers, QCC, 6 pm - 7 pm- Alcoholics Anonymous 7-8 pm Childrens’ Centre Men Only- 1st Monday - Quadra writers group, 7 - 9 pm 285-3656

TUESDAY- Zumba with Pam-QCC NEW TIME 6:20- 7:20 pm- Al-Anon Meeting, Quadra Children’s Centre, 7:00 pm- Folkdancing, QCC, 7:30 to 9:30, Sept 18-Apr 30

WEDNESDAY- Parent and Babes 11 am QCC- UofQ education from your Neighbours. HBI pub 7:00 pm- Hand-drum Circle, Upper Realm, 7:45 - 9:15 pm- 1st & 3rd Wednesday Food Bank,QCC 1 - 2 pm

THURSDAY- Parents & Tots, QCC, 9:30 am - 12 pm- Prayer Meeting, Quadra Island Bible Church, 7 pm- Drop in games and wing night, Legion, 7:00 pm. - Quadra Singers community choir 6:45 p.m., Quadra Community Centre (Sept. 13 through Dec. 12: Concert Dec. 15) Info: 250-285-2739

FRIDAY- Farmers Market & Bazaar 12-4 pm at Heriot Bay Tru-Value- Unplugged Guitar/Singing Jam 7:45 p.m. Upper Realm- Alcoholics Anonymous, 8 pm Quadra Children’s Centre - Live bands in the HBI Pub 9:00 pm

SATURDAY- Farmers Market & Bazaar 10 am to 2 pm behind the Credit Union Q Cove- “Fun Ride” Easy to Moderate bike ride 10:30 am Aroma Cafe - Quadra Legion Meat Draw 5 pm- Open mic with Mo. 9:00 pm HBI pub

SUNDAY- Family Service, Quadra Island Bible Church, 10:30 am- Quadra Sunday Painters, 11 am - 2 pm, 285-3390- Buddhist meditation, Upper Realm, 10 am.

Submit your news or event info, editorial runs free: email: [emailprotected] drop off 701 Cape Mudge Rd. or at Hummingbird


Friday, September 28- Friday Flicks - The Artist - doors open 7:30 pm Show 7:45 pm QCC- Michael Wood Band - HBI Pub no cover, music starts at 9 pmSaturday, September 29- Portraits by Perrin Sparks - 11am Discovery Islands Gallery, Cove Centre ($30)Sunday, September 30- Q-Cove Sewer Users Meeting Landing Pub 9:30 am- Geshe YongDong Speaks on “Zhine Meditation” 11am Upper Realm, Q. CoveMonday, October 1- Weight Watchers open house QCC Room 3 (upstairs) 6:30 pmFriday, October 5- Hal Douglas Blues Band - HBI Pub no cover, music starts at 9 pmSaturday October 6- First Winter Market and Bazaar 10 am to 2 pm QCCMonday, October 8- Deadline Day for the Discovery Islander - new material by 7 pm pleaseFriday, October 12- Friday Flicks - Le Havre - doors open 7:30 pm Show 7:45 pm QCC- Earthlings - HBI Pub no cover, music starts at 9 pmSunday, October 14- Fung-Chiu Piano Duo: four hands one piano QCC, 2:30 pmMonday, October 15- Garden Club presents the CR Bonsai Club 7pm QCC

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (4)

4 Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Copyright 2012

ISSUE 535 SEPTEMBER 28, 2012


TO THE EDITORRemembering Michael Scott (Seggersen)

Some of you may have met Michael as he studied numerology and gave a wonderful appearance at the Heriot Bay Inn for the U of Q. He was scheduled to do again and died the day before. For those of you that never met him, you missed out. There was no funeral or memorial. He is deeply missed by his Royal friends that are themselves imprisoned in their own fortresses, as well as many others.

Michael Scott was an exceptional, interesting individual. Born in the USA, he was a person who truly cared about humanity. He attended church, with Jimmy Carter as his Sunday School teacher, he also cut Jackie Gleason’s lawn.

His compassionate beliefs caused him political conflict resulting in his having to leave the USA. It was our prime minster, Pierre Trudeau that ushered him into to Canada.

He became involved in rock and roll in Vancouver, and launched of some famous bands like Heart, by signing the band to two hundred high school dances, making them a success. He discovered Ron Taback of Prism, stacking lumber in a mill in Richmond. Unfortunately Ron suffered an epileptic seizure while riding his Harley. He became a victim of prejudice as he was mistakenly labelled as a drunken biker. He died in a jail cell.

Michel worked for Fred Ashsure and brought WWF to Canada. He was instrumental in bringing Hollywood north. He was a part of expo 86 in

the Heritage Harbours exhibit under Jimmy Pattison. It was about that time he met Milton Wong in the Bank of B.C. deal. This was a man he hoped to meet again, but never got the chance.

He moved to Powell River and volunteered to landscape a piece of a land for a memorial and restored the ill-fated historic Patricia Theatre. He returned to the States when his father was dying ,and attempted to reclaim his billion dollar mine in Searchlight, Nevada .He again was in the entertainment business and co-founder of HUB ,known as humanity unites Brilliance. He became a employee for Clint Eastwood who was running for senate. His love for BC was inspirational to the provinces’ marine history, and the rumrunners during probation. He wrote a script in hopes Clint would star, to spark a new era for Hollywood to come north to our fabulous coast. But tragedy struck and Michael’s father died. His lawyer helping to reclaim his rightful title of the gold mine was suspiciously killed. Then he came back to Canada, and found a care taking job in port Eliza working for Frank Beban logging, with his only neighbour an eagle he called Emily. He enjoyed her company every morning sharing his fish. His job ended and after 99 years, the Beban family dissolved the company. Michael moved to Alder Island in the Broughton Islands, and gained even more appreciation for the coast. He bought a retired troller but on the way back to the Broughton archipelago, he experienced engine problems in an area of the gulf of Georgia known as the Lasquiti triangle. He was towed into French Creek. He

met a friend there, a fisherman forced into early retirement, working on his boat ,the St Nicholas.

They shared common interests, and the fisherman explained in detail, the collapse of not only the fishing, but all the industries and affected towns on the coast. He worked endless hours on a project in hopes to give an economic boost to Port Alberni, a town deeply in need. His plan was with self generated funding. It was called ‘Raising Alberni’. It included the building of a tall ship ,the city of Alberni, also known as The Vigilant. Inspired by the original history of the ships past, in which every man, woman and child in the town of Hoquiam Washington, funded the building of the vessel to save shipyard jobs. It was welcomed by Port Alberni, but declined by the towns hopes for the proposed coal port and the hope to get government contracts to build navy ships instead. During this project, Michael faced deportation as he no longer qualified to reside in Canada. The Federal Court of Canada overruled the deportation as Michael’s contributions to Canada were to the benefit of the children of Canada, therefore he was granted the right to stay in Canada.

A year or so passed and Michael was invited on another project, a chance to revitalize an old fishing town called Namu, boosting the economy of the central coast. He purchased the St. Nicholas and had funding to restore her back to the original vessel, with the help of potential donors in a program to help troubled teenagers. He looked at buying fish and sending them to feed children in starving countries.

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (5)

5Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Have an opinion to share?Submit your letter to the DI by email:


Regular ‘ol mail with a stamp to Box 280 in the

Cove or fax it in to 250-285-2236

If it’s too long it may be chopped!

Please be concise

While heading to the central coast The St Nicholas broke down, requiring a tow. She was towed into Heriot bay, and while under tow in heavy seas, the rigging came down and damaged the vessel.

Michael didn’t get a warm welcome arriving in Heriot bay, but believed he was in heaven, after meeting the staff at Heriot bay inn and experiencing the best hamburgers at Terries takeout just a short walk from the dock. His excitement rose when he discovered August Schnarr, brother to the famed rum runner Johnny Schnarr had an old shipyard next door to the inn. He had hopes to buy the old shipyard and build a boardwalk from the government dock to the inn, through the old property, visioning a new small economy in Heriot bay. He quickly jumped on the opportunity to rent the old Quadra Seafoods plant in hopes to do a seafood boutique, bringing people here to enjoy this utopia paradise.

He was invited dinner to a new friends home for dinner, and while he was there, she was taken away under the mental health act, but fortunately, he was able to convince the authorities not to take her home away from her, Michael had so much compassion for people in need, he put his own goals away to become her caregiver, and died there under what was mysterious circ*mstances. His boat was looted at anchor and regretfully sank in the harbour shortly after his death.

As far as his fisherman friend goes, he battles his own problems, having the want not to be deported from this harbour and carrying on some of Michael’s dreams.

Scott Ross

His fisherman friend

Natural Health Products ThreatenedDear Editor and readers, As published in “Common Ground Sept issue #254” Canada’s Natural Health Products industry is under siege! Health rights and freedoms are disappearing.

On Feb 4, 2013, Canadians will lose their right to purchase many herbs and vitamins. Possibly for good. It will be the law. UPLAR (Natural Health Products-- Unprocessed Product License Applications Regulations) was passed in 2010 in Canada. It comes due February 4, 2013. It gives Health Canada(Canada’s FDA,) legal authority to pull ‘unlicensed’ herbs and vitamins off the shelves with jail time and monetary fines against the sellers.

The problem is 80% of all herbs and vitamins have not received licensing. Tens of thousands of products are still awaiting the process, are in process or haven’t yet received responses. Health Canada doesn’t care. This law shuts down our freedom to natural health care choices in Canada.

Make your voices heard before Feb 4, 2013. Please be active in protecting our right to choose and access natural unprocessed products for our health. [contact your local government and health representatives].

Barbara Mindell

Thank you to the people on the sewer system who have contacted me. There is to be a meeting at the Landing Pub, Sunday, September 30 at 9:30 am.

Everyone who is on the current sewer system needs to attend. We need to present a combined representation to the Regional District and the powers that be. What is the saying? .....United we stand, divided we fall. Please come. We need all 111 members of the system and anyone else who is interested

in joining the system and is in the area.

I have done some research into other Regional District sewer systems. There are is lots of interesting information I will be sharing as to costs of other systems. Ours is the most expensive I could find. What’s wrong? We need to fix it!

Come and help get the costs under control. Sunday September 30 9:30.

Carole Thacker

Q Cove Sewer Users Meeting

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (6)

6 Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Couples Wanted

For exclusive new group on Quadra. Is his Buddha belly getting in the way?

Are her love handles no longer lovely?

Have there been too many BLT’s (bites/licks/tastes)? You both may need the help of Weight Watchers. Mondays @ QCC 6 - 7 pm.

Come sit on one meeting for free to see what we are all about.

Upper Realm Happenings

When the rains come, Quadra Island comes alive.

Movies, plays, live music and interesting courses emerge everywhere. And the Upper Realm is part of the action. Mondays at 4:30 pm to 6 pm.

Trinity teaches a Yoga Class. The course is in progress now & you are welcome to join in. Monday at 7:30 p.m.

John Walton teaches a course based on the book, ‘Awareness” by Anthony De Mello. The course starts on Monday, October 15. Wednesday at 7:45 pm.

Steve Moore leads a hand- drum jam which is happening now as well. Thursdays at 7:30.

Neil Maffin is teaching a course on Acting. It begins on Thursday, October 18th.

Fridays at 8 pm is an acoustic Guitar and Singing Jam session which is also happening now.

Sunday Morning, September 30th, Geshe YongDong is speaking on “Meditation” at 11 am. On other weeks, the meditation group meets at 10 am.

All the above classes and musical events are described in detail in separate articles in this issue of the D.I. Check them out!

Gypsy Mama will be in the store more often this Fall doing various kinds of healing work. Dave’s music store and lessons are still happening. Trinity makes purses and belts in her Upper Realm workshop. If you want to walk the mountains of Nepal & India, talk to Mick, who will be your guide. His office is new at the Upper Realm. Catherine makes beautiful art in her workshop and Michelle is coming back soon to give music lessons as well.

For more information on all of the above, Call Steve Moore at 285-3323

Weight Watchers - Open House!

Learn about the Weight Watchers Program MONDAY OCTOBER 1ST at QCC - Room #3 Upstairs 6:30pm.

Is this program for me? What is the cost? How does it work? Do I have to purchase special food?

All questions answered - JOIN US for a special evening and hear from other Quadra Island members. Any questions call Heather 250-285-2926.

A Mole’s P.O.V.A Mole's Point of View by Ruby Mooney won first prize for Youth Story Writing. A copy of Ruby's story is on thebook shelf at theMedical Clinic.Check it out!

In a recent edition of the Discovery Islander I read an article about what it is like to live on Quadra Island.

After reading the article I thought what does Quadra mean to me, as many-a-year resident and now an ongoing summer resident...?

The memories I cherish as I travel the world are many, but they sustain me during the year I am away.

The rose hued calm se of a summer’s evening. A golden harvest moon rising above the interior mountains as I paddle my kayak out of Hyacinthe Bay.

Sleeping in the open watching the night sky of stars, meteorites and the sweeping northern lights. Lying warm and cosy the sound of the seals slapping the water and the occasional mournful cry of the lone wolf vibrate on the night air.

The nighthawk, the crickets and the high chirp of the tiny tree frog within my inner ear.

Smells of seaweed after a storm, the mystical loon in it winter plumage gliding and diving in

Drew Harbour and the magic of seeing a humpback whale in Heriot Bay, amazing.

High on a cloudless day the proud magnificent eagle performing aerodynamics his head and tail feathers reflecting in the sunshine.

In the early morn rising to see the valleys covered in white mists while high above snow-capped mountains thrill the sight.

Was it a bear or cougar footprints that I spied in the mud near the beaver’s dam on one of my forest walks, which was enough to perk the juices of excitement.

Of these would I say these are my favourite things. This is my Quadra Island and how very fortunate we all are to be here.

Julie Campbell

Quadra Means to Me...

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (7)

7Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Approaches to Healing

North Island Survivors’ Healing Society – Counselling Centre for Adults Affected by Abuse presents“Approaches to Healing”, a 6-session skills-based group for women. Facilitated by a clinical counsellor + guest facilitators teaching healing approaches such as Art, Reiki, Qi Gong, Acupressure, Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindfulness, & more. Mondays, Oct. 15-Nov. 26, 4:30- 6:30, Subsidized Cost-$95, Registration: 287-3325.

Local Remembrance

Day ServiceOur annual Remembrance Day Service will be at the Quadra Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion on Sunday November 11th, 2012. Everyone is welcome and families with children are encouraged to attend. Please be seated by 10:45am sharp. The Legion Ladies Auxiliary will host the luncheon following the morning service. The evening festivities begin with membership initiations to be conducted at 4:30pm. The social hour starts at 5:00pm with dinner for members and spouse/guest at 6:00pm. Honours & Awards and live entertainment with the Thievin Brothers will follow dinner. RSVP for dinner to Gillian or Mark Green 285-3739. See you at the Legion!

Nia Fitness Class Has A New Time

Nia will now be from 10:35-11:35 on Tuesdays in room 3 at Q.C.C. (starting Oct 2, for 9 weeks).

Nia is a fitness program that combines movements and concepts from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. There is no prerequisite of fitness or training of any kind to participate in a Nia class.

Come and experience the Joy of Movement for health and pleasure.

To register contact Jean Wrohan at: [emailprotected].

Halloween Fun Night Needs Volunteers

Hey parents and grandparents: The Halloween Fun Night organizing meeting is Wed Oct 10 at 7:00 at QCC. We need the weird and the wild to rungames and create something spooky in room 1. If no one shows, it will be only fireworks on Blenkin Field for Oct 31. Good enough for your kids? Phone 285-3243 for more info.

Mothers & Daughters

YogaMothers and Daughters: come to this restorative, nourishing and fun filled yoga weekend and get in touch with your bodies, minds, spirits and each other’s!

During the sessions you will learn basic yoga postures, how to calm and relax the nervous system, meditation and breathing techniques and, some partner postures that you can practice together.

Get cozy and prepare for winter by learning the ‘art’ of making traditional chai, a delicious and comforting Indian spiced tea. Nov. 23 and 24 Friday evening 6-8 pm and Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Required: yoga mat and a pillow or cushion. Cost: $89/mother-daughter pair. Includes a delicious vegetarian lunch on Saturday and a special gift!

Fall Yoga & Tai Chi

For men & women with Brenda Dempsey at QCC Room 3.

Yoga Tuesdays 9-10 am and 5-6:30 pm, Thursdays 9-10:30 am Classes are $#10.

Beginners Tai Chi Wednesdays 1-2 pm

Contact 250-285-3054 [emailprotected]


is Monday, October 8th

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (8)

8 Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Zumba with Pam

It’s a fun, exhilarating and invigorating workout with zesty Latin music. It’s easy to follow and can be modified for everyone. $5 Tuesdays starting Sept 11 @ QCC. PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME FOR THIS GREAT CLASS...6:20 - 7:20

Celebrating Success

The Save the Heart of Quadra Parks fundraising celebration held at Tsa-Kwa-Luten Lodge last Saturday was a fabulous success. Thank you to everyone who donated such a wide variety of auction items, to all those who supported the event by attending and bidding and to those who made individual donations that evening. Ticket sales and the auction brought in $8,000 and donations totaled $9,000.This brings our total now to $160,000!

Quadra Islanders and businesses have supported this project since day one and the committee is thrilled that our total has climbed so high. BC Parks has sent the following message: “I want to congratulate you in your success of raising $160,000, primarily from local community members. It’s an incredible amount. I believe this may be a record for a small community to raise these funds in such a short time.”

We can all celebrate.

The owner of the land has just agreed to extend the completion date for the sale to the year’s end. The active campaign on Quadra is now over but because of this change in circ*mstances, further donations will be accepted until mid-November and the thermometer will stay in place for just a few more weeks.

Cheques made out to the Quadra Island Conservancy can be mailed to:

Box 202, Heriot Bay, BC, V0P 1H0 or please visit www.quadra.parks.ca

Emergency Kitten Surgery Depletes Cat Rescue funds

Two unusual medical emergencies have drained Quadra Cat Rescue funds.Two homeless black and white kittens found wandering in the Pidco*ck Road area this summer required emergency surgery to remove an infected, deformed eyeball.

“These kittens were brought in just in time,” said Valerie van Veen of Quadra Cat Rescue. “Dogwood Veterinary Hospital checked the kittens to ensure they had a good chance of survival and performed the successful surgeries, but our fundraising hasn’t been able to keep up with the costs of these bills and our regular run of vaccinations and surgeries to fix homeless cats and kittens,” van Veen added.

Both kittens have recovered well from the surgery, and one has been adopted. The other is in foster care.

Quadra Cat Rescue posts photos and descriptions of cats and kittens available for adoption on its website.

For more information, to volunteer or adopt already-fixed felines, or to make a donation (charitable tax receipts available), contact Quadra Cat Rescue by telephone: 250-285-CATS (2287) or via email [emailprotected]. Or check out the website: www.quadracats.com.

Quadra Cat Rescue has fixed more than 220 cats and kittens since March 2009 – and found homes for many that turned out to be strays or abandoned.

Find Out More About KidStart

Mentoring!Come and meet Quadra representatives of the KidStart Vounteer Mentoring Program at the Winter Market and Bazaar on Saturday, October 6 from 10 am – 2 pm at the Quadra Community Centre. Thinking about becoming a volunteer mentor for a child in the community? Find out what it’s all about from a Quadra mentor. Know a child or youth between the ages of 6-18 who might benefit from KidStart? Ask questions to learn more about the positive impacts of mentoring. Want to support the program but don’t have time to volunteer? Make a donation to KidStart! Need more information? Contact Tara Jordan, Campbell River and Quadra KidStart Coordinator: 250-286-0611 ext. 113 or [emailprotected] Visit The John Howard Society of North Island’s website www.jhsni.bc.ca and click on the KidStart Champion link (top right).

Quadra SeniorsWe can feel fall in the air, even if it is still too dry, Please do not burn any thing in the yard, in case of fire.

Many of our Seniors travelled to Cortes Island,on the 9 am ferry, we were met by cars driven by kind & friendly Seniors. We visited their Senior Housing complex, the recycling depot, lunched at Hollyhock farm, and toured the Manzanita Muse Art Studios. We were driven back to the 4 pm ferry. “Thank-You “ to Cortes Seniors for being such graceful hosts.

We continue to have our Armchair aerobics on Wednesdays at 10:00 am & carpet bowling at 11:15 am. Ruth Amiabel will be travelling to Richmond to attend the Council of Senior Citizens Conference for Oct. 1st/12. Our next General meeting will be held on Oct. 10th/12 at 10:30 am, inTsa Kwa luten lodge, followed with a luncheon. Our North Island Regional meeting, will be held on Oct. 17th at 11:00 am in Fanny Bay Community Hall, lunch will cost $5.00. Call Chris Dyson , @2207 if you wish to attend and if you need transportation call Ruth Amiabel @ 3801. We must know by Oct. 10th if you wish to attend. We still have Excursions available call Ruth @ 3801 or Ann @3325. our Executive Elections will be held at November meeting. Memberships for 2013 will be available by Oct. 10th, with Chris Dyson.

New Stock of Character, Ethnic, Trad., Vintage, Retro.

Props & all accessories for Men, Women, & Children


Call Tansy-923-8291 or email [emailprotected] Cortes RadioCortes Radio


Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (9)

9Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

The Colours of Sparks

“The Colours of Sparks” is a new exhibition at Discovery Islands Gallery featuring painter Perrin Sparks. A compilation of new and historic works by Sparks includes both figurative and landscape art as well as rarely exhibited technical drawings from her career as a medical illustrator. DIG curator Dom Fetherston says “Perri is a superb, prolific artist with a vast body of work and knowledge that is very special to Quadra Island. There are few artists of her calibre in British Columbia, and I am honoured to be hosting her talent.”

The Colours of Sparks runs September 07 – October 10. Perrin Sparks will provide portraits @ $30.00/per person (approximately 20 minutes each) on September 29 starting at 11 am. The public is invited and encouraged to attend. Appointments for sittings please call 250-285-2474.

Quadra Paradise There are over 100 reasons why Quadra Island is paradise. So far, we have given 20 reasons in past issues of the D.I. Here’s another 10 reasons:

21. Hyacinthe Bay for swimming and Kayaking: 22. Quadra Philippines Connection Annual Sale; 23. Quadra Conservancy (Saving the Heart of Quadra Parks); 24. Orange Bellied Salamanders; 25. Chinese Mountains; 26. Free Money; 27. Tree Frogs Peeping; 28. Humming birds; 29. Silence at Night; 30. Desserts at Community Lunch.

Many thanks to Eileen Sowerby for supplying 6 of the above reasons why Quadra Island in Paradise.

Call Steve Moore at 285-3323 if you have an idea that hasn’t been mentioned yet. We are so fortunate to live here on Quadra.

Result of Request for Proposals

process for Cortes Island

Library BranchNANAIMO, September 18, 2012 – Members of the Board of Trustees for Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) voted at their September 15 Board meeting to enter into an intent to lease agreement with the Linnaea Farm Society for the operation of a library on Cortes Island.

The “Roque Room” in the former Linnaea School is intended to be leased and operated as a library. The lease agreement is subject to resolving any issues regarding floor loading, access for persons with disabilities, and legal use as a library. “I know all residents of Cortes Island are as eager as the staff and Board of Vancouver Island Regional Library for a new library on Cortes Island,” says Ronna-Rae Leonard, Chair of the Board of Trustees for Vancouver Island Regional Library.

“The Linnaea Farm Society will now seek the approval of the Strathcona Regional District to re-zone the land so a library can be established within the former Linnaea School.”

Members of the Board of Trustees for Vancouver Island Regional Library voted at their June 9, 2012 Board meeting to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) process for a space of 660 to 2750 square feet for a new library on Cortes Island.

The purpose of the RFP process was to identify a long term solution for library services on Cortes Island as quickly as possible. The Linnaea Farm Society was the sole response received. “We are pleased we have reached this stage in our journey to find library services on Cortes Island that are appealing, comfortable, inviting and safe,” says Ronna-Rae Leonard.

Now that the Board has entered into an intent to lease, next steps involve satisfying the conditions laid out above. Once that happens, plans will be made to convert the 1,359 sq. foot Roque Room into a library.

DIG Your Gallery Membership!Every public art gallery needs the support of it's community. Discovery Islands Gallery offers three levels of gallery membership for individuals and businesses:

1. Sponsor: donations of $500 or more . Your name and/or the logo of your business will be seen on ALL advertising, and also on DIG's websitewww.discoveryislandsgallery.com.

2. Supporter:donations of $100 - $499. Your name and/or the logo of your business will appear on the DIG website.

3. Friend: donations of $20 - $99. Your kindness entitles you to membership with the gallery.*

*All three levels of membership include an invitation to priority viewing at “Members Only Hour” which will be held prior to the opening of new exhibitions.

Seniors Days at the Centre

Every second Friday of the month, Quadra Circle (the sub committee of the Quadra Island Recreation Society devoted to Seniors' issues) will meet and host an international lunch featuring the cuisine of another country. On October 12th it will be a Japanese meal. There will also be an opportunity to discuss issues of importance to Seniors and to the community. We hope to arrange visiting speakers and entertainment and look forward to feed back as to what people want. A monthly " Seniors' Drop in Centre" format has been proposed.Now the Quathiaski Cove Village Plan has been officially accepted maybe it is time to talk about the next step in developing facilities for Seniors.

Please come and give us your ideas or call Mary at 285 3084. If you do not usually come to the lunches but plan to come to the Japanese meal it would be preferable if you let us know ahead so we have an idea of how much food to prepare.

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (10)

10 Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Friday Flicks!Geshe YongDong Speaks

Geshe YongDong, a Tibetan Buddhist Monk, is coming to Quadra Island.

He will be speaking on Zhine, which is a form of calm abiding meditation practice. Concentration practices such as Zhine are found in many traditions and are considered a necessary and fundamental practice.

In Dzogchen, Zhine is considered a preparation for the essential practice of contemplation meditation. Through its skilful means, Zhine strengthens the attention and develops the powers of concentration necessary to calm the mind and experience inner peace. The ability to concentration is very important in all spiritual paths as well as in ordinary live. Everyone is welcome to come and learn the foundation methods of Zhine meditation.

Geshe YongDong’s talk is at Spirit Books in the Upper Realm at Quathiaski Cove on Sunday, September 30th from 11 a.m to 1 p.m. The suggested donation is $10 but pay whatever you can afford. For more information on this event, please contact Steve or Danielle at 250-285-3323.

For more information on Geshe YongDong or the Tibetan Bon Buddhist Center, please view the website: www.sherabchammaling.com

Quadra Drummers The hand-drum jam sessions are still happening at the Upper Realm at Q. Cove at 7:45 p.m. every Wednesday Night. Ignore the “closed” sign downstairs. We are closed for business, but not for the jam.

Beginners are welcome. We have extra drums if you don’t have a drum.

We totally relax into a drum jam meditation and receive what’s called a refreshing “Drummer’s High.”

We performed five times this Summer and Fall: Twice at Saturday’s markets, at Cortes Music Fest, at Quadrapalooza and at the Fall Fair. But now that the performance season is over, we can just have fun, learn some new beats and invite some new people, like you, the reader to join in. See you Wednesday night, 7:45 pm at the Upper Realm, Q. Cove. There is a five dollar drop-in fee but first time attenders are free.

For more info call Steve Moore at 285-3323

Friday Flicks Tonight! The Artist

QCC Doors 7:30 - Showtime 7:45

Adm: $5 stu/snr $4

George Valentin is a dashing silent star in the Douglas Fairbanks tradition. Peppy Miller is a talented beauty, ready to be seen and heard. Their destinies collide at the intersection of silence and sound. Gorgeously shot to a vivacious score and immaculate production design, THE ARTIST encapsulates everything we go to movies for: action, laughs, tears and a chance to get lost in another world.

“It’s a passion project all the way, made by people with their heads in the present but their hearts in the past. Feel free to swoon along with them.”(Peter Howell, Toronto Star) “THE ARTIST is a total pleasure” (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone).

Friday Flicks Oct.12 Le Havre (Finland 2011)QCC Door 7:30 - Showtime7:45Adm: $5 stu/snr $4No other contemporary filmmaker manages to blend deadpan, ironic humour with social commentary in quite the same manner as Finnish master Aki Kaurismäki.

In Le Havre, the moody, retro ambiance of the film’s titular Norman port city enhances a tidy plot that blends film noir elements with gentle humanism. Atmospheric, quiet and completely assured, Kaurismäki employs these diverse elements to tell a highly contemporary story about illegal refugees, a subject of profound relevance in today’s Europe.

The film circles around Marcel Marx, a warm, aging bohemian artist who has retreated to the French port city of Le Havre and taken up work as a shoeshine man. His profession has a limited future, as everyone seems to be wearing running shoes. He is married to a woman with a heart of gold and, despite their poverty and limited means, he finds joy in their local neighbours, all of whom seem as if they have been transported from a 1930s movie.

One day Marcel befriends Idrissa, a young African immigrant hoping to make his way to England in a shipping container with other illegals. Marcel is determined to extend a helping hand to the wide-eyed boy, but the law, in the form of Inspector Monet, is equally determined to stand in his way. An intricate dance of hide-and-seek ensues, Marcel using all hisingenuity to hide Idrissa while the nefarious Monet dogs their trail .

“A note-perfect neo-realist, comic fairy tale” – Liam Lacey The Globe and Mail

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (11)

11Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

First Winter Market and Bazaar Saturday October 6thAt our Community CentreWe’re back for our second season. We had a great time first time round!

We’d love to see some winter veggies, anybody?? Have you got something different you’d like to share?

Maybe this is the place to showcase your talents. Flea market tables are welcome.

There will be a terrific assortment of local vendors. Something to please everyone.

Lunch menu for the 6th is Chicken pot pie/ spinach salad with lime yogurt dressing or vegetarian option, Rotelle with black beans and tomatoes. Soups, Chicken Vegetable or Sweet Potato Coconut Quinoa. There is also Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie and Ice Cream! Coffee is still only $1.00!

Eileen Sowerby will start this years market off by playing all time favorites on the piano. Are there any buskers that would like to play for our market?(by donation). Please call Michele 250-285-3747

Tables are still only $10.00 on a first come basis. Set up starts at 8am for vendors. The market is open from 10am - 2pm

Spend your Saturday surrounded by friends and handmade items. Come join us.

Need more info? Call Michele 250-285-3747 or [emailprotected]

Return to WasilikaThe nearly identical twins are back.Come help Quadra author Michael Redican, celebrate the launch of his new children’s fantasy novel, Return to Wasilika, on Saturday, October 13 from 3:00-4:00 at the Quadra Community Centre.

Like the much loved Wasilika, Return to Wasilika features characters that are partially based on various Quadra kids. The cast not only includes the dragons, tyrants, giants and fairies from the first book but also an off-key wandering minstrel, a determined mouse and a swashbuckling raccoon. It is these three who team up with the finders on what should be a straightforward quest to rescue Queen Jaweesh from the ogres, but Wasilika has changed drastically. Novenka and Fontana are faced with a host of questions that must be answered before they can save Wasilika. Why are Wasilikans so miserable? What’s happened to the True Companions? Is the queen as nasty as everyone says? And where the heck are the ogres?Intrigued? Come to the book launch.

There will be readings (and singings) of short excerpts from the book. There will be draws for free books. The order of the riddle will be revealed. Feast on free nibbles and drinks. Pick up copies of the novel, signed not only by the author, but many of the characters as well.

And remember, if you come in costume you will receive a special Wasilikan cookie baked by the author.

Seniors Social Lunch and Exercises.

Seniors ( 55 and over) are invited to come out and get active and socialise through the winter months atQuadra Circle's weekly(except October 5) Friday lunches starting 28 September . Everyone is welcome and transport can be arranged. Lunches are usually held at 1281 , West Road except on the second Friday of each month when the International lunch will be at the Community Centre. Lunch is at 12 noon. Exercise is at 11am.Payment for the food is by donation.Contact Karen at 285 3477.

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the Coastal Community Credit Union and Tru-value Foods (via their Spirit board program) for their support of this program and of the Bible Church on West Road for allowing the use of their facility.

Cortes - Quadra Lunch Connection

Sixteen Quadra seniors spent a wonderful day on Cortes Island on September 20 hosted by the Cortes Seniors Helping Seniors lunch group. The weather was perfect, the company great and the food at Hollyhock delicious. We were very impressed by their Seniors’ Village, loved the Free Store and enjoyed a visit to Dianne Bersea’s Studio. Many thanks to the Cortes drivers who spent their day with us and to Carina Verhoeve for arranging it all.

OnTuesday,October 2, Seniors will be joining the Cortes Island Seniors outing to Quadra for lunch at Tsa-kwa-luten. Please contact Marie at 285 3950 if you plan to come. Because of this outing there will be no Friday lunch that week.

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (12)

12 Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Ah, the end of summer and we have to come indoors again, but it won’t be difficult with some great entertainment coming your way from the 2012/13 season of Quadra’s Cultural Committee. The first concert will see vibrant youth and exceptional musicality in the form of piano four-hands with the talented Fung-Chiu Duo. These two soloists, Janelle Fung and Philip Chiu, have become one of Canada’s première piano duos to challenge the traditional boundaries of their genre. Hear their lively performance on Sunday, October 14th at 2:30 PM at the Quadra Community Centre.

Canada, the US, Europe, South Korea, Japan and Argentina.

Philip Chiu was born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada. He received his Piano Performance Diploma from The Glenn Gould School in Montréal. Winning The Glenn Gould School Concert Competition, Philip went on to solo throughout Canada, playing his orchestral debut in 2005 with Maestra Tania Miller of the Victoria Symphony. One of Canada’s most sought-after collaborative pianists, he has performed with such artists as Stefan Dohr, principal horn of the Berlin Philharmonic, Larry Combs and Craig Morris (clarinet and trumpet) of the Chicago Symphony.

The Fung-Chiu Duo has committed themselves to expanding the repertoire for piano four-hands by writing original transcriptions of such pieces as Stravinsky’s Firebird, Bernstein’s Westside Story, and Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique.

According to the extremely communicative Chiu, “Working together on four-hand piano is the most fun, almost a stress relief from solo piano work.” “Honestly,” adds Fung, “it’s pure joy!” For the listener, the results are stunning! “Indeed, Chiu and Fung perform a magnificent arrangement {of the Firebird} that is so significant that I believe it could go down in history.” Roger E. Cormier of L’Acadie Nouvelle.

Hear the Fung-Chiu Duo on Sunday, October 14th at 2:30 PM at Quadra Community Centre. Advance tickets are $17 available at the Music Plant in Campbell River and on Quadra at Hummingbird Office and Art Supply in the Cove and at Works of H’Art in Heriot Bay. Tickets at the door are $20. Students accompanied by an adult are admitted free. For more information, please call 250-285-2580 or visit www.fungchiuduo.com

New Season of Cultural Events Kicks off with Fung-Chiu Duo

Formed in 2007, under the auspices of Jeunesses Musicales Canada, the Fung-Chiu Duo has toured the country to many Canadian cities and given gala performances at such venues as the Casino de Montréal and the Orford Arts Centre. “They fairly romped through the program, showing considerable flair for the virtuosic side of piano playing…Many moments in their playing, especially in the Debussy and the Ravel, showed the poetic side of their musicality.” Stephen Pedersen of the Chronicle Herald.

Janelle Fung began her piano studies at the age of four in Vancouver. She received degrees from the Eastman School of Music and The Julliard School of New York and her doctorate from Université de Montréal. At age 14, Ms Fung made her professional debut with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and has concertized throughout

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (13)

13Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Yoga Class Come join the new yoga class at Spirit Books in the Upper Realm in Q. Cove on Mondays from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Spiritual exercise is good for the body & soul. Trinity, who led the yoga class at Quadrapalooza, is the teacher. A donation of 5 to 10 dollars is much appreciated, depending on what you can afford. For more information, call Trinity at 250-203-4529.

Acting Class The Quadra Island Actor’s Studio is offering an Acting Course for beginning theatre performers or anyone interested the art of Acting.

The course includes actor’s workouts, exercises, role-playing and just plain fun. If you have a role in an up-and- coming Quadra play, like “Sleeping Beauty,” this could be a course that might be helpful.

The course is taught by Neil Maffin, a professional actor, who has performed from Broadway in New York City to soap operas, to Vancouver’s Bard-on-the-Beach Shakespeare Festival

The course starts on Thursday, October 18 in Spirit Books at the Upper Realm in Q. Cove at 7:30 p.m. Anyone 16 or over is welcome to attend. Exceptions can be made for highly motivated younger actors.

There is a drop-in fee of $10 per session, but Neil is hopeful that the group will form a core of regular attenders. And, if the group works well together, maybe a public performance in the Spring of 2013. For more information, call Neil at 1-778-714-7887.

Guitar and Singing Jam

Bring any string and/or acoustic instrument to this every Friday night jam. Sometimes, we sing and all you need is to bring your voice. Sometimes a mellow piano (Dave) or a bass guitar (Maureen) or a drummer comes (Ken or Daniel). Folk tunes, Rock tunes, self- written tunes (Elsa or Tim or Pat) are all in the mix. Unexpected things can happen when you met new musical friends. For instance, a new band can come together like “Flies in the Kitchen” that performed at the “Fall Fair.” Or just come and relax and have fun. Things start around 8 p.m. at Spirit Books in the Upper Realm at Q. Cove every Friday Night. The suggested drop-in fee is only $5. First timers are free. Call Pat at 285-2807 for more information.

Fun and Fungi for All! – October 5 to 7 Tickets for all events on sale at the Heriot Bay Inn, in person or by phone – 250 285 3322. Don’t wait – last year’s events sold out! Presented by the Heriot Bay Inn, Quadra Island Mushroom Club and Quadra Recreation Society in cooperation with the South Vancouver Island Mycological Society, the Quadra Young Naturalists and the Quadra Children’s Centre.

What’s on:Friday, October 5 at 7 p.m. Keynote presentation at the Community Centre. “Edibles and Others: Wild Mushrooms of Quadra Island” by Dr. Shannon Berch, SVIMS. $10, 12 and under, $5.

Also – artists and photographers are invited to display their mushroom- themed work at the QCC. Please contact Maureen McDowell and Frank Boas to submit – 250 285 2221.

Book Bonanza will be selling field guides and other mushroom books at the Friday event - you’ll want to pick up a book for Saturday events, and a Fall-full of mushroom hunting!

Saturday, October 6 Guided species collection field trips. Meet at the Community Centre parking lot at 9:30 for 10 a.m. departure – return by 3 p.m. $20

Mushroom Photography – 10 a.m. to 12 noon. With Don Mottershead. Meet at the Community Centre. $20

Wild Mushroom Exploration – a program for children and parents. 11 a.m. to one p.m. Quadra Children’s Centre. $10 per child. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Saturday, October 7FREE – public viewing of the mushroom collection. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Community Centre (upstairs)

Wild Colours: Dyeing with Mushrooms – 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. with Brigid Wilder of GalaWools, Cortes Island. At the Community Centre. $20

Truffle Diversity of the Pacific Northwest – 1:30 to 4:30 pm. a presentation by Dr. Daniel Luoma of Oregon State University, with Joyce Eberhart, OSU. At the Bay View Room, Heriot Bay Inn. $20

Wrap-up Gala Dinner – Three-course mushroom themed dinner – seating at 6 p.m. In Herons at the HBI. $30.

Check the HBI website (heriotbayinn.com/events) for information updates.

Quadra Island Wild Mushroom Festival

Find out when the DI is posted online

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (14)

14 Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Fall Fair Poetry Writing Adult First PrizeBy John Cleasby

Hush, kneel here in reverence pressed upon by darkness, sing soft a song of purpose and call the spark so small.

Breath, coax the golden ember Promethean gift of old, feed the flame with sunripe tinder invoke this primary force.

Imagine, the dawning of mankind that first fatefull fire, as the creatures drew back and we caught their eyes in our flame.

Fall Fair Poetry Writing Youth Second PrizeBy Zhia Mawhinney

Stars fill the sky like a jar of glitter dumped on a black canvas

Breathing the crisp fresh air softly and pulling myself deeper in my sleeping bag

A star quickly streaks across the sky and magically disappears

The moon glows and I drift off to sleep

Sleeping outside on the trampoline

Quadra Island Farmer's

Market and Bazaar

The summer market is over for another season. Where does the time go? We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has made this a great success.

Firstly to the Credit Union for allowing us the use of their green space. To Ross Doak at All Clear. Greg Ross for putting out the heavy signs, Will LaVigne for parking lot control. The musicians who came and entertained us. Steve Moore for organizing the music.

We had two lovely new signs made for us. Huge thanks to Paul Horner for our first one and Jane of Exquisite Sewing for the second one.

The vendors were fantastic this year. We appreciated your sense of community and the smiles!

To the Islanders and visitors, Thank You for your continued support for another successful market year.

To the Directors, who volunteer their time to keep things running smoothly and for finding space for just one more vendor. Thanks!

Thank you to Philip Stone for advertising all our events. Keep getting the word out!

It was great fun and the weather co operated. See you all again next summer.

I would also like to thank Darcy at the Heriot Bay Tru Value for inviting us to try a Farmer's Market in the parking lot at the 'Heriot Bay Store' There were some good turnouts. Monies collected from vendors were given to a number of good causes on Quadra. Thank you to everyone who supported this event.

Quadra Literacy News

QLitKits are filled with engaging stories, music, games and puppets for the delight of young children. Families can borrow QLitKits from We Wai Kai Child Care Centre and Quadra Children’s Centre. Please don’t forget to sign them out and return them after 6 weeks.

We have volunteer tutors interested in helping adults develop skills in reading, writing, spoken language and basic computing. These learning opportunities can be tailored to suit your needs and interests.

If you are a family or individual without a computer in your home, Quadra Literacy offers free refurbished computers along with basic computer skills tutoring.

Contact Robin @ 250 285 3185 or email: [emailprotected]

Wake Up!How we respond to life’s challenges can make the difference between enthusiastic anticipation or dread and anxiety.

“Awareness” by author Anthony de Mello, entreats us to wake up to the realities of life, and cleverly explains how we , so often, set ourselves up for disappointment instead of peace, contentment and growth.

Although seemingly simplistic and sometimes repetitive, you can’t hear this kind of wisdom too often.

Join us over a cup of tea to read, discuss and benefit from this book. Monday evenings starting 15th October 7:30 - 9 pm at Spirit Books, Upper Realm Q-Cove.

For further info call John 250-285-2958

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (15)

15Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

The preschool children of the northern Philippines thank you for another successful extravaganza of a garage sale! Due to the bountiful material donations and the generous monetary contributions of Quadra Islanders, this year’s giant garage sale netted $6,500 towards Quadra’s continuing sponsorship of the Lubao Hilltop and Basao Dilag daycare programs. This more than covers 2 teacher stipends and daycare supplies for another year of Quadra’s support. Once again, a beautiful play of social connection and cooperation unfolded as together volunteers unboxed,unloaded and then transformed the community centre into a venue for purchase and discovery. Following the sale on Sunday, this play was reversed as the same space was magically transformed back to emptiness and normality, something hard to have imagined just a few hours earlier. Or as one volunteer described it, “through the concerted, joyful effort of a dedicated group, a miraculous disappearing act took place”.

The utmost appreciation is extended to the following businesses for their support with this annual fund-raising event that has now evolved into a Quadra tradition: Viken Waste Management, Tru Value, the Hungry Eye, Hummingbird, the Gumboot, Aroma Coffee Roasters and the Quadra Legion. Of course unlimited gratitude goes to the volume of the dedicated volunteers, without whom this event would not have happened: those who offered

their homes as drop-off centres, the vehicle drivers, the bakers and food servers for our concession, cashiers on the day of the sale, all those who either signed up or just showed up to help sort and set up or pack up , and of course the multitude of shoppers who made this event another resounding success. Together you have managed to create and maintain our Quadra/ Philippines Connection!

The following is an update from Jenny Beth Escian, teacher of the Lubo Hilltop daycare:

Dear Carol and the Quadra Island Community,Greetings! This is my fourth year to teach at the daycare centre at Greenhills, Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga where I live. I am very happy and thankful to be doing this work. Every year our community population increases and more children are in need of daycare. This session I have twenty-two students. Some of these children are first-timers coming to preschool and there are nine who are my students from last year, since

they are nursery and kinder. My daughter who graduated from preschool is now in grade 1 but my youngest daughter is coming to the daycare with me every morning.

One parent in our village temporarily donated a lot for the grade 1 and 2 classes. Parents built a makeshift building for these grades. Now the children no longer have to go to southern Tabuk Central School which is 3 kms away. This makes it easier since it is closer to home and less expense for transportation.

My daycare children are all very excited to be here, to sing and do simple art work together. In July, we celebrated Nutrition Day and prepared and cooked malungay and monggo beans which they all enjoyed eating as well as other vegetables and fruit. I hope this will be another wonderful year of learning and discovery for my daycare children. Again, thank-you for your support to our daycare centre and for my honorarium.

Jenny Beth Escian

Quadra/Philippines Connection News - Successful Sale!

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (16)

16 Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Well, the first day of fall is putting on a good show for us with gray, cloudy, misty, cool weather.

What a change from the great stretch of sunshine and warm temperatures that we have been so lucky to experience for so long these past weeks.

I am leaving tomorrow for a very busy week of meetings at the Union of BC Municipalities in Victoria but I wanted to bring you up to date on some of the issues that are happening right now.

Union of BC Municipalities, Ferries and Telus

I have numerous very important meetings already scheduled and I will be booking more while in attendance at the conference. On Monday, as mentioned in my last report,I will be meeting with the BC Ferries Commissioner along with 13 other chairs of regional districts and the Islands Trust, on Monday the 24th from 11am until 4pm ( a one hour pre-meeting and one hour post-meeting are included in that). On Tuesday I will be meeting with the Telus Area Manager for all of Vancouver Island for an update and timeline on their progress in bringing better cell coverage and high-speed internet to all parts of the island. Later that same day, I will meet with Minister Ben Stewart, the Minister responsible for connectivity (internet to communities), along with our CAO, Brian Reardon, since this is a strategic priority of our Board. On Wednesday, I will have a 9 a.m. meeting with the Minister of Transportation and Highways and the Premier regarding our ferry situation in the province. We have been waiting for this meeting since last fall and it is finally happening. I will also meet with top Ministry staff in the afternoon regarding the governance of the Solid Waste Management function of our two Boards; the CVRD and the SRD. This is in addition to all of the sessions that I will be attending on subjects of concern to our area. I will fill you in when I get back.

Quathiaski Cove Local Area Plan / OCP Final adoption

I am very pleased to announce that our Local Area Plan that was sent to Victoria for approval has been returned to the SRD with the signature of the Minister on it. This gave us the go-ahead to bring it to the Board

last Thursday for final adoption! So it is now law! Now all that we need is to implement it. I want to once again thank the steering committee that put in almost two years of hard work and continuous meetings and all of the public that provided input into the process. I would also like to thank our consultant, David Rousseau, for helping us navigate through some treacherous waters! I would also like to acknowledge and thank our planning staff for their many long hours of commitment and caring throughout this process. They did a fantastic job of working for our community.

Smart MetersAt our last committee meeting a motion was moved by the Area B director and seconded by myself to adopt the following: “That the SRD write a letter to BC Hydro, The Premier of BC and to the Minister of Energy and Mines in support of optional refusal of the installation of wireless smart meters for citizens of the SRD; and further that BC Hydro be requested to present this “option of refusal” to the BC Utilities Commission for consideration”. The Board did not support it. Only three of us voted in favour of the motion.

If you have problems with our personal experience with installations, please call the head Community Relations manager, Ted Olnyk, ((250) 755-7180;(250) 618-6267 (c) ).

Our Library!Shortly after the opening of the new library in the Cove, I approached our Library Board representative, Brenda Leigh, to ask for more hours. We did get the noon hour added to the hours at that time. Since then, I have heard so many people that are using the library say that we need more days and hours. I went back to Brenda and relayed this information to her and she brought it to the VIRL Board meeting last week and they have voted to increase the hours and staffing at the library. She could not give me any further details at this time, but look forward to being able to use the library more often in the future!

Q. Cove Sewer “issues”I met with our planners on Thursday about the issues that are still outstanding regarding the sewer service in the Cove. What I can tell you right now is, the water study for the entire Cove area has been started and

will be done by a consultant with grant funding (not on your taxes!). The outfall is being repaired on October 7th and 8th. the anchors need to be replaced. And last of all is that a report will be coming forward to the October committee meeting outlining all options for dealing with the expansion of the service (which will lower the annual operating cost to all users of the service).

Outer IslandsWe have been approached by the Federal government to take over the wharf at Surge Narrows and the Board has voted in favour of telling them that we are interested in having that conversation. I have talked with the community and met with members of the Read Island Access Society, which manages our wharf at Evans Bay. We have a long way to go yet but we are at least talking to ensure that we get the absolute maximum amount of money from the Feds to manage the wharf at Surge Narrows should we decide to take over the wharf.

I will be bringing the two top officials from the Ministry of Highways along with the manager of Emcon services over to Read on Oct. 12th to discuss the needs for their roads on the island. We will also be meeting that same day at the Surge Narrows road end to discuss improvements for that part of the road, which leads to our wharf at Hoskyn Landing.

Advisory groupThis is a work in progress, just to let you know that I have not forgotten!

Well, that is about it for now. I have to prepare for the UBCM and read the hundreds of resolutions that we will be considering and voting on. If you need to contact me, you know the drill: Feel free to call me between the hours of 8:30 am and 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday(please,not on weekends, folks!)at 285-3355, or you can fax me at 285-3533 or you can email me anytime at[emailprotected], or by mail at Box 278 in the Cove, V0P 1N0... Lots of choices.

Please do not use my residential phone number for SRD calls. All business calls should be on 285-3355. Many thanks!

Respectfully submitted,Jim Abram

Director, Discovery Islands - Mainland Inlets (Area C), SRD


Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (17)

17Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Quadra Island resident Patrick Manery holds the proud honour of being Quadra Island Golf Club’s first person to score a hole in one!

Friday, September 14th hole # 4, 150 yds. Patrick is pictured with his playing companions Robert Eastland, Doug Edwards and Dave Vinet. - Congratulations Patrick!

Chess Is Back At Q.C.C.

For All Ages!!!Expert player, Philippe returns to coach the finer points of creativity in chess on Mondays in room 2 at Q.C.C. (starting October 15-Dec 3).

The cost is $60 for 8 weeks for ages 6 and older. Chess for All Ages will run from 4:00 – 5:00 on Mondays and is for intermediate to advanced players.

There is a limit of 10 participants, so register soon at 285-3243 and become the player you know you really can be. Both children and adults are very welcome!

Quadra’s First Hole in One!!

The Campbell River Arts Council, the Haig-Brown Institute and the Museum at Campbell River are partnering this year to present the 2012 Haig-Brown Memorial Lecture. The lecture will take place on Saturday evening, September 29, from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. This year’s lecture, entitled ‘What We Learned’ will be delivered by all four of the Haig-Brown siblings, Valerie, Mary, Alan and Celia. This will be the first time the four Haig-Brown children will deliver a talk together.

The Haig-Brown Memorial Lecture Series was created by the Arts Council in 2009. The intention is to honour the legacy of both Roderick Haig- Brown and Ann Haig-Brown (nee Elmore). Roderick Haig-Brown (1908-1976) applied his passion equally to fishing, writing, conservation, and public service and left behind a strong legacy of literary excellence, centered on the rivers of British Columbia.

The Four Haig-Brown children – Celia, Mary, Alan and Valerie

His work represented an early environmental voice. Ann Elmore (1908-1990) was a major force for social justice issues in Campbell River, notably around the challenges facing women. The Ann Elmore Transition House in Campbell River is named in her honour.

The Haig-Brown Memorial Lectures were created to provide an annual forum for writers to inspire a new generation with their vision for the environment, social issues and literary excellence. A signed and numbered collectable chapbook of

The Haig-Brown Memorial Lecture

the 2012 Lecture has been produced and will be available at the Museum. Call the Museum at 287-3103 to reserve a seat for this historic event. The cost for the Lecture is $7.00.

$1000 Club Update

A huge thank you to all of you who have donated $1,000 or more to Save the Heart of Quadra Parks. Your contributions are the backbone of this successful campaign.

Members of the $1,000 Club are: Joyce & Ray Grigg, Vinay & Alison Chafekar, Mary Jane Crawley, Megan Davis,

Todd Doherty, Michael Felber, Lyn Farquharson, Bob McDonald, Carol Murray in memory of Jim Murray, Tak & Mitze Ogasawara, Claire Oppenheim, Stan Paterson, QICSS, Quadra Island Trails, Ken Roxburgh, Sierra Quadra, Sandra Spearing in memory of Cory Beneker, Jean & Michael Stahnke, Michael McIvor & Claire Trevena, Allard & Valerie Van Veen, Stanley & Lynn Wales, Richard & Judy Leicester, Susan Westren, Don Davis, Joyce Johnson, Marjorie Garside, Karen & Gordon Mazurek, Open Bay Holdings, Grant Peterson, John Kragen & Linda Lessard, Gavin & Mary McIntosh, Carol Anderson, Susan & Gerry Enns, Dan MacKenzie, Rolf & Heather Kellerhals, Joan Sell in memory of John Sell, Charles Kahn, Paul Poelmann, Francis & Michael Laver in memory of Judy Leicester, Steven Schleicher, Steve & Patricia Strand, Sandy Bullivant, Bruce Bradburn, David Haughton, Janis Bain, Hal Reveley, Casey Guldemond, Annabelle Cameron, Cathy Slater, Richard Tthompson, Susan Atha and Heather Sainchuk, in memory of their sister Judy Leicester, Rita Vatringa, Tula Foundation, Greta Winkel, in memory of Judy Leicester, Coast Mountain Expeditions, Allan Leia, Dale and Gloria Rolfsen, Alan and Sue Beattie, Sea Kayak Association of BC and six anonymous donors.

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (18)

18 Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

Official Community Plan Public Hearing

Saturday, October 6th, Gorge Hall 1:00 pm. I am sorry about this hearing falling on the Thanksgiving weekend but we had quite a challenge finding a time that my elected colleagues were willing and able to come to Cortes. I truly hope that if you are not able to attend in person that you will submit written comments into this open public process. This public hearing is truly the culmination of more than three years of Cortes effort and attention. We have quite a good revised community plan for your final consideration and comment. It does fall short of being as gutsy as I thought it might be in a few areas, but is truly the result of the most democratic and participatory version of government there is and it is a reflection of the input you gave. Thank-you! You have another two weeks to read through the new proposed Cortes OCP (Bylaw #139) and submit your written comment. Please visit www.cortescommunityplan.ca or www.strathconard.ca on the main page notice board to download the document and submit your comments to [emailprotected] or contact Russ Hotsenpiller by phone at 250-830-6703, or by mail to the Strathcona Regional District Planning Department, 301-990 Cedar Street, Campbell River, BC, V9W 7Z8 such that they are received by noon Friday the 5th of October. Or, if you can, attend the public hearing in person Saturday, October 6th1:00 pm at the Gorge Hall.

Klahoose and Regional District to Meet

I am delighted to report that the Klahoose First Nation has welcomed an invitation extended by the SRD board for a

‘Community to Community’ forum so that the Klahoose government and the Regional District government can begin to get to know each other. The Klahoose Chief and Council have offered to host the Regional District Board and senior staff in their territory and in their new Hall for a meeting on October 17th. I extend my gratitude to Chief James Delorme and his council for this welcome.

Funding for Cortes Climate Action

For about three years now, I have been working on making Cortes’ allocation of Federal Gas Tax monies available for local green house gas reduction initiatives. Based on our population, we have about $350,000 that needs to be spent by the spring of 2015, although the SRD has asked for a time extension. In 2010, the volunteer Cortes Climate Action Team developed a series of recommendations for priority projects. Now that the SRD board finally changed its policy so as to allow partnerships with community non-profit organizations, I have renewed confidence that something will actually happen on Cortes with these funds. In October, I will be pulling together a meeting of interested parties to discuss options and priorities. If you would like to be involved, please contact me.

Funds for Cortes TeensThe Teen Szene, through their host – the Cortes Community Health Association - has received a second Grant-In-Aid of $4,500. This was identified as a broad community priority at an inter-organizational meeting this past spring. I wish our island teens all the very best this year.

Garbage, Recycling & Compost

On the Cortes front, the current work plan includes paving the Cortes Recycling Centre parking and central road areas this year and fencing much of the site for safety and liability reasons. I support paving the site for cleanliness and dust suppression but have yet to be convinced of the merits of fencing. I’d like to hear from you on this matter. I also raised at board the notion of having one or two sets of centrally-located recycling bins on Cortes. I will pursue this matter further. If you think this would be of value (or not), please let me know.

At the Solid Waste board, after a multi-year process including a public meeting on Cortes, we just approved our Solid Waste Management Plan which speaks to how we intend to deal with our regional waste into the future. Expansion of the existing landfills in the Comox Valley and Campbell River is planned to provide future disposal capacity. The expansion of the Comox Valley site will be undertaken first while the land adjacent to the existing Campbell River landfill site is assessed for suitability. On the diversion and recycling front, we have set a target of 70% diversion from landfills and have just approved a composting pilot project for Comox and Cumberland to help us meet that goal. Development of regional composting capacity is required in order to capture the estimated 35% of landfilled material that is compostable. This pilot project is a step in that direction. Providing this pilot goes well, the program will be expanded to include other communities. I don’t imagine, however, that Cortes will be one of them given the number of compost bins on island and the distance of transport. I am delighted though that as a region we are, however belatedly, taking this step.

Smart MetersMany of you now have them, and many of you have refused them. I have received no assurance from BC Hydro or the


Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (19)

19Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

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Province that you will be able to refuse them for very long. Two years ago at the Union of BC Municipalities convention a resolution was passed requesting option refusal of smart meters. After receiving a local Cortes petition with some 60 names speaking out against the smart meter program, and after learning that over 50 BC communities have passed resolutions wanting either a smart meter moratorium or further choice for their residents, I brought forward the following resolution to the Regional District. “That the Strathcona Regional District write a letter to BC Hydro, the Premier of BC, and to the Minister of Energy and Mines in support of optional refusal of the installation of wireless smart meters for citizens of the SRD; and further that BC Hydro be requested to present this ‘Option of Refusal’ to the BC Utilities Commission for consideration.” This motion did not pass as most SRD board members saw this effort as too little too late. If you have refused a smart meter and continue to not want one, I do believe you will need to be quite vigilant. All the best.

Cortes ParksGiven that it is fall, we are beginning our work plan and budget preparations at the SRD for the 2013 regional parks service. In addition to our regular park maintenance work, most years we have the ability to take on an additional project. What are your ideas? I have had a few people indicate interest in opening up a few new beach access trails like the three next to Hollyhock, in Squirrel Cove and on Potlatch Road. I have also been approached with the suggestion to investigate putting in or improving a boat launch on the west side of Cortes. Thoughts?

In Gratitude, Noba Anderson

Regional Director, Cortes Island

Jim Abram Life-Member

of Union Local He Founded

He’s been at the front lines of countless issues facing Discovery Islands residents over many years - all-the-while involved in parallel matters with a wider scope.

On Friday, September 21st Jim Abram was acknowledged for his unrivalled involvement with the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees (UCTE) a unit of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

Abram was presented with a plaque honouring him as a Life-Member of Local 20232, the union local he helped found and served as its first president.

The award expresses the union’s gratitude for his dedication especially in the (mostly) successful fight to retain staffed light stations on the British Columbia and East coasts.

On hand was Union Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens who presented the award along with other members of the union and Abram’s family who all lived at the Cape Mudge Light Station during Jim’s eighteen years of service there.

Said Abram “We had our first (Local) meeting when we were brought down to Victoria in 1994 to tell us that we were all going to be fired. We were going to be without jobs, without light stations, and the coast was going to be without the safety services that we offered.

“Since then we’ve been fighting, and fighting hard. We’ve had to do it four times and if we have to do it again I’ll be there. This is a service that everybody has to understand, is irreplaceable. I’ve been very proud to be a member of such an organization. It’s going to stay with me all my life.”

Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (20)

20 Discovery Islander #535 September 28, 2012

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Abram Honoured as Union Local Founder - Discovery … Honoured as Union Local Founder L-R Wendy Abram & Jim Abram with UCTE Local 20232 Secretary-Treasurer Glenn Borgens. Jim was presented - [PDF Document] (2024)
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