Blood Bloods season 12: Eddie and Jamie baby sealed? (2024)

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The popular CBS drama has just reached its 250th episode, and the Reagan family are still going strong. With millions of fans still hoping for the 13th season of Blue Bloods to be confirmed, longtime star Vanessa Ray has opened up about what they might be able to expect in the near future.

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Vanessa teased there could be a possibility of a new baby joining the Reagan family in an upcoming episode of Blue Bloods.

The actress is best known for her long-running role as Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan, which she began in the police drama’s fourth season.

After a slow-burn romance with her partner, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), the two officers finally got engaged in the season eight finale.

Just a season later, they tied the knot in the season nine finale and Eddie officially joined the Reagan family.

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Blood Bloods season 12: Eddie and Jamie baby sealed? (4)

Blue Bloods: Jamie and Eddie finally tied the knot in season nine (Image: CBS)


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However, Blue Bloods is now heading towards the end of its 12th season, and the two officers still haven’t found time to start a family of their own.

If CBS decides to renew the series for a 13th instalment, could fans see the Reagan family get a little bigger in the next couple of years?

The two co-stars are certainly optimistic, so a pregnancy announcement could be just around the corner.

Speaking to TV Insider, Vanessa teased: “A Jamko baby would be fun, wouldn’t it?”

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Blood Bloods season 12: Eddie and Jamie baby sealed? (6)

Blue Bloods: Could the Reagans welcome a new member of the family? (Image: CBS)

Blood Bloods season 12: Eddie and Jamie baby sealed? (7)

Blue Bloods: Eddie won't want to give up her work in the field (Image: CBS)

Unfortunately, Eddie might not be willing to give up her busy life on the streets of New York for a dreary office job when she goes on maternity leave.

Vanessa continued: “If Eddie were to get pregnant, though, it would mean sitting behind a desk.

“Not sure she’d love that, but being a part of the Reagan family has changed her in many positive ways.”

Her co-star Will’s answer was even more evasive, though he wouldn’t outright deny the rumours.

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“That’s up to God and our writers,” he said. “I’ll be staying tuned with you.”

Reagan patriarch Frank (Tom Selleck) already has three grandchildren, but the family hasn’t welcomed any new babies since Blue Bloods began back in 2010.

This could start to change, however, as Jamie and Eddie start getting older and wanting to settle down.

For now, Eddie doesn’t seem willing to give up her important work out on the field, while Jamie certainly doesn’t want to give up his best partner.



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    Alternatively, the series could take a cue from other primetime dramas and jump ahead a year or two, with Eddie having already given birth.

    Or, perhaps, the couple could start looking into adoption, which would skip over the pregnancy stage and give the officers more time to focus on their work.

    Whatever happens, Blue Bloods fans can still expect plenty of surprises and heartwarming drama coming their way in the next few weeks.

    And with Vanessa seemingly open to the idea and hinting at a change in Eddie, there's certainly potential for this storyline to come to fruition.

    Blue Bloods season 12 continues Friday, April 1 on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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