Luca Kaneshiro【NIJISANJI EN】 (2024)

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Make sure to check out my channels and streams. OR ELSE.

―Luca Kaneshiro

Luca Kaneshiro (ルカ・カネシロ) (born: April 10, 1998 [age 26]) is an Australian VTuber affiliated with the fourth wave of Nijisanji EN. He debuted with Shu Yamino, Mysta Rias, Ike Eveland and Vox Akuma.


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His debut was livestreamed on December 20, 2021. In it, he revealed that he liked: jewelry, fancy things, gambling, tattoos, food, athletics, horror games, NIJISANJI, disliked bugs, flying bugs, vegetables, seafood, puzzle game and reading. His hobbies were running, voice acting, singing, playing games and playing the guitar.

He also revealed his favorite games to be Super Mario Galaxy, Pokemon Gold, Getting Over It, Monster Hunter, Outlast, Among Us and Sekiro, his favorite anime to be Mushoku Tensei, My Hero Academia, Danmachi, Darling in the Franxx, Vinland Saga, Gurren Lagann and Berserk and his favorite foods to be ice cream cake, smoked BBQ ribs, lechon, anything BBQ, Kit-Kat, KFC's Cookies and Cream Krushers (which sadly has discontinued).

The first game he played post-debut was Getting Over It, and he has also played Poppy Playtime, Super Mario Odyssey, Outlast II, Jump King, Amnesia: Dark Descent, Pokemon Shining Pearl and Doki Doki Literature Club. In the latter he would often voice over the characters themselves.


His first collab was playing UNO with Nina, Shu and Mysta. His next one was joining the NijiEN Minecraft server with the rest of Luxiem, and his third was The Forest with Shu, Nina, Elira, Selen and Rosemi. He has played Devour with Elira, Reimu and Ike. Him and Ike also played A Way Out.

He appeared on Ironmouse's show, Speak of the Devil, in Epsode 12[2].


His illustrator is oyo[3]. Oyo is also the designer of Alban Knox. Luca is 5'10.

Luca's logo was made by Orihime.[4]


A Mafia boss from the past with a slight temper. Always down for a fight, whether it’s to show-off his own strength or to protect the weak.


  • His mascot is a lion, Augustus, who frequently bites him.
  • Luca was transported to the present when he witnessed an assault and he decided to intervene. It was only after he attacked the assaulter that Luca noticed that the victim had departed and left his bag. Luca wanted to give him his bag back, but it turned out that the man had actually stolen the bag. Mysta Rias was a detective who was chasing the man down, and when he saw Luca with the bag, he accused him of being a thief, and chased him instead. Mysta then was taken away by a mysterious force, and immediately after, Luca was too, transporting both of them to the present day. It is not known what caused this.


Hope in the Dark[]

Release date: 19 December 2021

"Hope in the dark"


  • "An EVIL and MEAN Mafia boss"
  • "YO!"
  • (before he ends a stream) "DEEZ NUTS"
  • "Why are there so many nuts? I thought there was only a peanut."
  • "I love NTR! ...Wait what does that mean again?"
  • "I just screamed without the S! ...Wait what? ...creamed... POG! I creamed!"


The Otaku Culture Lab featured merchandise based on Elira, Selen, Petra, Vox, Shu and Luca[5].

Twitter hashtags[]


His fandom is known as "Lucubs".


  • When he uses a female voice, chat dubs it Lucy, and a running gag is them being down bad for her. "Lucy" receives a lot of fanart, even from fellow VTubers like Non Anon.
  • Luca has big pectorals. Reimu once called them his "BOOBA" but Luca denied they were big. In his debut stram he tried to disprove her by removing his coat and jacket but it clearly just proved that she was right. Now Lucubs/Luxiem like to frequently point out his "booba".


  • He is the middle child in his family, having an older brother and a younger one.
  • He calls his stomach "stummy".
  • He speaks English, Grill and Tagalog, but is in the process of learning Japanese.
    • He took Tagalog language classes in high school, and is not a native speaker.
  • Luca is very athletic and has a lot of stamina. He is a former surfer, runs 4km every 2 days, and during his Ring Fit Adventure stream, he played the game in extreme difficulty mode all while singing Hope in the Dark and Diamond City Lights for 2 hours. He also said he does 9 minute planks to the aforementioned songs and God Sees All.
  • He is scared of needles.
  • He has seasonal asthma.
  • He doesn't like vegetables.
  • He owns the recorder, an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, and has four months worth of experience playing the piano.
  • He is around 79-85kg.



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Old icon

Old icon



Full body shot

Full body shot without coat

Promotional poster for Luxiem

All of Luxiem

Album covers[]

Hope in the dark


Luca Kaneshiro【NIJISANJI EN】 (2024)
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