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  • A real-time look at the NFL news & transactions updated daily, including signings, releases, trades, & more.

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  • NFL homepage listing out teams, transactions and the latest news.

3. Sports Contracts, Salaries, Caps, Bonuses ...

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  • NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, EPL, contract breakdowns, yearly salaries, team salary caps and more.

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  • A real-time, sortable list of NFL contracts including total value, guaranteed money, and complete salary breakdowns.

5. 2024 NFL free agency tracker: Latest signings, trades, contract info for all ...

6. NFL Market Value -

  • Tracking the current calculated market values for various NFL players. Spotrac uses a simple but effective process to calculate value.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers Transactions

  • TRANSACTIONS ; 05/12. Signed DB Anthony Averett to a one-year contract. ; 05/11. Signed third-round selection LB Payton Wilson from the 2024 NFL Draft to a four- ...

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8. Trade Tracker (2023 Cutdown) - The Stadium Wall - Two Bills Drive

  • 29 aug 2023 · ... trades today it be great to have the posted here. How did the Chiefs get a 2025 7th rounder ...

  • For anyone wanting to track. I'm using Spotrac but it's always a little slower than the X world. If anyone hears of trades today it be great to have the posted here. How did the Chiefs get a 2025 7th rounder from Carolina for WR Ihmir Smith-Marsette...

9. Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings -

  • See the latest CFL transactions at the official source. Keep track of all player movement including signings, cuts and trades each and every day.

10. Over the Cap: NFL Salary Cap, Player Contracts, Salaries, Bonuses and ...

  • NFL Salary Cap Space · Transactions Table · Discounting Of Future NFL... · Nick

  • NFL Salary Cap, Player Contracts, And Related News And Analysis

11. What Happened To The Annual Saints Roster Transactions Thread?

  • 30 sep 2023 · Sortable NFL transactions updated daily, including signings, trades, fines, suspensions, releases, etc... 3 ...

  • Each year there used to be a Thread dedicated to all roster transactions the Saints made beginning on the day the New League Year started and running untill it ended. It gave an interesting look back at all roster moves made by the Saints throughout the year. It helped keep up with the many...

12. NFL Rumors - Bleacher Report

  • 49ers Extend Jauan Jennings · NFL Rumors logo. NFL Rumors ... Spotrac @spotrac. NFL Can Sell MHJ's Jersey. Cards ... NFL Trades That Make Too Much Sense. ☠️ ...

  • Be the best NFL Rumors fan you can be with Bleacher Report. Keep up with the latest storylines, expert analysis, highlights, scores and more.

13. NFL 2024: Key Comings And Goings (As Of May 29) - - Full Press Coverage

  • 3 uur geleden · Transactions and 2024 suspensions provided by Spotrac. Arizona Cardinals. Comings: QB Desmond Ridder (Trade/Falcons). T Jonah Williams (from ...

  • The National Football League's 32 teams remain extremely busy. A look at the key veteran comings and goings so far in 2024.

14. NFL Salary Cap Space | Over The Cap

  • NFL salary cap space estimates for all 32 teams. ... Transactions Table · Restructure Potential · Minimum ... This website is not affiliated with the NFL, NFLPA, or ...

  • NFL salary cap space estimates for all 32 teams

15. NFL Franchise Tag -

  • 1 NFL Free Agents; 2 NBA Free Agents; 3 NFL Transactions; 4 MLB Cap Tracker; 5 NHL Free Agents. SPOTRAC NOW. RECENT NEWS. News image. 10 NFL OTA Holdouts. A ...

  • A look at the franchise tag values for each year of the NFL.

16. Free Agency Thread | Page 8 | Green Bay Packers NFL Football Forum ...

  • 12 mrt 2024 · Click to expand... Yup 2 year, up to $20M deal, with $9M guaranteed. Older ...

  • And how should they be treated, coddled and swaddled like grown up babies? In 7 years Aaron Jones has been paid $38M by the Packers. Some folks act like he was exploited. Wish I was mistreated like that

17. Drake Maye, Patriots reach rookie deal, per report - CBS Sports

  • 1 dag geleden · ... NFL Network. The contract is worth $36.6 million over four years, including a $23.5 million signing bonus, per Spotrac. Maye is expected to ...

  • Jacoby Brissett is the starter 'right now,' Patriots executive VP of player personnel Eliot Wolf says

18. NBA Trade Machine & Cap Manager -

  • This site has no official affiliation with the NBA, NFL, MLB or any other 3rd-party entities listed on this site. All logos are the trademark & property of ...

  • Create customized trade scenarios and build rosters for NBA teams based on up to date trade rules and share the results. Draft picks are included and we're mobile friendly.


  • 12 mei 2017 · I went into spotrac ( ... len-12357/) and the extension is there. Also, how do I update the cap space to ...

  • Hello everyone.

20. Buffalo Bills will open significant salary cap space this weekend

  • 6 uur geleden · The NFL's post-June 1 designation, explained. White's existing cap hit was set to be $16,443,737 (per Spotrac) and that's what it's been ...

  • Cap space from the release of Tre’Davious White will be available June 2

Nfl Spotrac Transactions (2024)


What is the highest paid NFL contract ever? ›

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has signed the largest contract in NFL history, making an average of $45 million per year.

Who was the highest paid NFL player? ›

Click on each highlighted position for a breakdown of that position's highest paid players for the 2024 season. The Cincinnati Bengals' Joe Burrow is the highest paid player in the NFL. The San Francisco 49ers' Nick Bosa is the highest paid defensive player in the league.

How many NFL players are there? ›

There are currently 1,696 active players in the NFL. And 1,503 of them—a massive 88.6%—were drafted into the NFL from college football programs. What are the colleges with the most NFL players?

Who has the highest AAV in the NFL? ›

1. Joe Burrow, QB, Bengals. The Bengals tried to upstage the Chiefs on the opening night of the 2023 NFL season by making Burrow the highest-paid quarterback in the league. Burrow is the first NFL quarterback to crack $55 million in AAV and is making $219.01 million in guarantees as part of his contract.

Who is the lowest paid NFL player? ›

While Tyrone Swoopes won the reigning title of the lowest-paid NFL player in 2021, looking at the low end of league earners isn't as simple. NFL players face different minimum values that depend on their contract and designation as active or inactive players.

Who is the richest ex-NFL player? ›

Former National Football League (NFL) player and executive Jerry Richardson was the richest NFL player of all time as of January 2023, with a net worth of around two billion U.S. dollars.

Who is the top 5 paid QB? ›

NFL's highest-paid quarterbacks in 2024 (average salary per year):
  • Eagles QB Jalen Hurts: $51 million.
  • Cardinals QB Kyler Murray: $46.1 million.
  • Browns QB Deshaun Watson: $46 million.
  • Falcons QB Kirk Cousins: $45 million.
  • Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes: $45 million.
  • Bills QB Josh Allen: $43 million.
Mar 6, 2024

Who is the richest NFL player in 2024? ›

Ranking the NFL's Biggest Contracts for 2024
  • 1 / 25. 1) Joe Burrow (QB), Cincinnati Bengals - $55 million. ...
  • 6 / 25. 6) Kyler Murray (QB), Arizona Cardinals - $46.1 million. ...
  • 11 / 25. T-11) Matthew Stafford (QB), Los Angeles Rams - $40 million. ...
  • 16 / 25. 16) Nick Bosa (DE), San Francisco 49ers - $34 million. ...
  • 21 / 25.

How much does Travis Kelce make a year? ›

How much money does Travis Kelce make in a year? Before his other ventures, let's talk about Travis Kelce's NFL salary alone, he is currently on the third year of a four year contract that is worth $57.25 million that secures him an annual $14.3 million per season until 2026.

Which college produces the most NFL players? ›

Alabama's Crimson Tide has 57 former student-athletes in the NFL, the most pro players of any college.

Do NFL players get paid weekly? ›

They earn a weekly salary but only during the season with conditions set on whether they play and how they perform. Like other workers they get bonuses that are paid outside the regular schedule of payments. In order to understand how NFL players get paid, a look at different parts of their contracts is needed.

Who has the best attendance in the NFL? ›

NFL attendance rankings 2023-24: Where's your team?
  • No. 1 – Dallas Cowboys: 93,594 per home game. ...
  • 2 – New York Giants: 79,307. ...
  • 3 – New York Jets: 77,890. ...
  • 4 – Green Bay Packers: 77,829. ...
  • 5 – Denver Broncos: 76,388. ...
  • 6 – Los Angeles Rams: 73,150. ...
  • 7 – San Francisco 49ers: 71,655. ...
  • 8 – Carolina Panthers: 71,635.
Feb 28, 2024

Who has the most Super Bowl rings? ›

Which players have the most Super Bowl wins overall? Tom Brady has won the most Super Bowls of any player in NFL history with seven. Brady won the 2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017, and 2019 Super Bowls quarterbacking the New England Patriots, and the 2021 Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What NFL player has a 4.0 GPA? ›

The Minnesota Vikings' quarterback — who studied aerospace engineering and got a perfect 4.0 GPA in college — claims he has formulated "the most efficient process" for getting through airports. "Me being an engineer, I like to be extremely efficient," Josh Dobbs said in an August TikTok. "I also hate wasted time."

Who is the highest paid de in NFL history? ›

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa remains the highest-paid defensive player. The 2022 Defensive Player of the Year signed a five-year, $170 million deal days before the 2023 season to give him an average salary of $34 million -- the highest for a defensive player in league history.

Who has a 90 million dollar contract in the NFL? ›

Vikings QB Kirk Cousins reportedly names price: $90 million.

Who is the highest paid player in football history? ›

According to Forbes' annual list of the world's highest-paid soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo is bringing in an astounding $260 million between his on- and off-field earnings after his high-profile transfer to Saudi side Al Nassr.

What is the NFL highest fully guaranteed contract? ›

Deshaun Watson sill holds the record for the most guaranteed money in an NFL contract. In March of 2022, the Cleveland Browns landed Watson in a blockbuster trade with the Houston Texans. They subsequently signed Watson to a five-year, $230 million deal and guaranteed the entire contract.

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