Use Social Blade for YouTube Analytics - Stats & How to Use Them (2024)

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Use Social Blade for YouTube Analytics - Stats & How to Use Them (1)

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Want to learn how to use Social Blade for YouTube? is a free-to-use website that displays your YouTube statistics – or the stats of any channel you are interested in – using an intuitive layout.

While many of the stats you can find on Social Blade are also available right on YouTube, some people find it easier to read on Social Blade. YouTube provides you with a lot of information, and a lot of it might not be useful to all creators.

  1. Your YouTube Analytics
  2. Spying on Other Channels

Your YouTube Analytics

Use Social Blade for YouTube Analytics - Stats & How to Use Them (2)

Social Blade is an excellent place to gauge the growth of your channel. It provides statistics on our subscribers, views, and estimated revenue.

To start using Social Blade, type your channel name into the search bar.

On the top section of the page, several stats will be clearly displayed.

First, you will see the letter grade assigned to your channel by Social Blade. If it is not a very good one, keep in mind that channels with over 10, 000 might still only receive Cs. Only YouTube megastars are getting As and Bs.

Next to your grade are your subscriber and video view ranks, as well as a rank assigned to you by Social Blade.

On the second line, you will see the views and subscribers you got in the last 30 days and the percentage by which you are up or down. Simply searching for yourself and glancing at this line is the easiest way to see whether your channel is growing, even easier than in your YouTube Creator Studio.

The final line of the first section will show you an estimate of your monthly revenue.

If you scroll down to the second section you will be able to see your views, subscribers, and estimated earnings per day rather than per month. Growth is in green and loss is in red.

By looking at this chart you can see which videos benefited your channel most after they were posted (your videos are not listed, but you can see based on the day you posted them). This will give you a good idea of what your audience wants to see.

Spying on Other Channels

When you check your stats, you type your channel name into the search bar. If you want to use Social Blade to monitor somebody else’s stats, type their channel name instead.

By looking up your direct competitors (channels about the same size as yours within your same genre) you will be able to see which of their videos are performing best for them when you combine the daily information Social Blade provides with your knowledge of what videos they posted when.

Knowing what is working for your rivals will help you design your content strategy.

You can also use Social Blade to look up huge YouTube stars who you admire, just to see how well they are doing. Take their estimated revenue with a grain of salt, though – it’s just an estimate.

That's how you can use Social Blade for YouTube - have you ever used it?

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Use Social Blade for YouTube Analytics - Stats & How to Use Them (5)

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Use Social Blade for YouTube Analytics - Stats & How to Use Them (6)

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Use Social Blade for YouTube Analytics - Stats & How to Use Them (2024)
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