'We’re pregnant and went to Glastonbury – one of us even gave birth on-site' (2024)

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Vanessa Heidi Wesson Lois

Being stuck in the middle of a field with 210,000 other people isn't what most pregnant women would opt to do.

However, this bunch decided to brave the five-day Glastonbury Festival while they were gearing up to give birth to their little ones.

For most, choosing to sleep on an air mattress in a stuffy tent without any home luxuries is an absurd decision – let alone when they're heavily pregnant.

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But, not wanting to miss out on the largest festival in the world, these then mums-to-be decided to pack their bags and head for Worthy Farm.


At seven months pregnant, Vanessa didn't want to miss out on the big musical bash. So she hired a campervan and took her TikTok followers along for the ride – and gained quite the reaction.

The pink-haired mum-to-be wanted to show people "how to survive at Glastonbury when seven months pregnant."

While many like to go to festivals to get sloshed, muddled in mosh pits and let loose with their most feral antics, Vanessa proved that you don't have to do the above to have fun.

She got kitted out in a colourful wardrobe over the five-day festival last year – including a skin-tight blue dress that perfectly accentuated her big bump.

Vanessa explained that she would have porridge for breakfast, consume 'ice cold' non-alcoholic drinks and pitch a separate tent for "showers and wees."

'We’re pregnant and went to Glastonbury – one of us even gave birth on-site' (2)

The mum-to-be made sure to take rest breaks in shaded areas under trees and even treated herself to an alcohol-free cider. She came kitted out with a rechargeable fan to keep her sweats at bay.

She urged that the best thing to do is to "go with the flow" of the festival – whether that be avoiding big crowds or having a go on the hula hoop.

Some users called Vanessa a "rock star", while others joked that they "can't even move" with their baby bump.

Heidi Wesson

Mum Heidi not only experienced being pregnant while at Glastonbury Festival, but also ended up giving birth at the big entertainment spectacle.

Back in 2013, Heidi was working yet another year of the festival. Though, it was a little different for her this time around as she was carrying her unborn child at the time.

She was provided with a bed in a caravan and had access to a small motorised buggy as a "huge" Heidi was "struggling to walk." While watching The Rolling Stones on a trailer, she could feel the baby "happily kicking along to the music."

A very pregnant Heidi didn't take on any "strenuous" roles that year and took it easy after the acts by sitting by the campfire. But, it was then that she first started to feel "twinges."

'We’re pregnant and went to Glastonbury – one of us even gave birth on-site' (3)

Writing for The Guardian, Heidi recalled: "Before long, I was experiencing full-blown contractions. I was in shock. My then partner, Sean, had gone to listen to some music with friends. We had to ring him and say, 'You need to come back now'."

Her friend Tracy called an on-site ambulance then had to be called where Heidi had to 'crawl' into the 'small' vehicle and took 40 minutes to reach the hospital tent.

Heidi continued: "Luckily, the birth was quick and not too painful, except that I was on a little trolley about half the size of a bed and they ran out of gas and air. I suppose they don’t plan for anybody giving birth.

"Our baby was born at 3.10am on 30 June, weighing 6lb 6oz. She was perfect. Sean and Tracy cut the umbilical cord. Tracy was crying her eyes out, covered in blood, still dressed as a panda.

"I wouldn’t recommend giving birth at a festival. It was surreal. But the worst part wasn’t the labour and birth – it was having to use the long-drop toilet afterwards."


Although she was eight and a half months pregnant for Glastonbury, Lois didn't want to miss out on what is thought to be the 'greatest' festival in the world.

The mum camped for five days at the Somerset-based festival last year just before she was ready to give birth. She opted to document her experience which quickly gained her thousands of views.

Lois really made herself at home with an inflatable armchair, footstool and a king-size blow-up bed - which she said was comfier than her actual bed back home.

'We’re pregnant and went to Glastonbury – one of us even gave birth on-site' (4)

While she rested outside with her bump, her husband cooked up some beans to keep Lois and her bump fuelled for the day.

She noted that they purposely chose a campsite suitable for families instead of the all-night ravers.

She packed an array of colourful outfits to proudly display her nearly ripe bump. Some people felt that Lois going to such a huge festival while close to full term was "dangerous."

But, she made sure to be careful and have a blast at the same time.

Lois shared: "Believe me I was very much considering it [not going]! But we got our tickets three years ago and have always wanted to come. Slept better here than I do at home."

'We’re pregnant and went to Glastonbury – one of us even gave birth on-site' (2024)
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